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Bike Shop located in Huntsville, Alabama
Phone: 256.519.9233
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Address: 611-A Meridian Street


We have been supplying bike riders in Huntsville, Alabama for more than 20 years. We are cycling fanatics. But we remember that cycling is supposed to make you smile and laugh. You don't have to race or have 5% body fat to participate. The thrill is the wind in your hair, the sun on your skin, rolling down a country lane lost in your own thoughts. Or… imagine blazing down a beautiful forest trail, tires barely holding the ground, seemingly floating over roots and rocks. Or…peacefully riding down a bike path with your family and stopping beside a river for a picnic on a spring day. Well, you get the picture. For that brief time that you are on your bike the troubles of daily living seem to disappear and things look much more clear. Ok, enough of that before you start thinking we sit around, chant and burn incense all day, because we don’t…at least not everyday.

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